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Nowadays, when the weather is getting better, summer vacation plans are already being made. Due to the coronavirus pandemic that affects the whole world, many people plan to evaluate their holidays in domestic locations this year. There are so many beauties to visit and see in every corner of our beautiful country, and there are such beautiful beaches all in magnificent blue… In this article, we have prepared some suggestions for those who are planning summer holidays. Here, Turkey’s 10 most popular summer vacation destination!

1. Assos, Çanakkale

Assos, located in Ayvacık district of Çanakkale, is built on an ancient city dating back to very old times. This settlement is known as Behramkale today. Besides the historical ruins, there is also a unique sea and nature. Seawater, which is ice cold in all seasons, its historical harbour and stone houses are among the features that make Assos unique.

2. Bodrum


Bodrum, the most popular summer vacation route of Turkey, in the last 30 years, continues to attract attention without losing anything from its reputation. It is possible to have a calm or fun holiday in the region, which attracts attention with its clean bays, luxury hotels, and lively nightlife. You can also relax and have a good time by planning your holiday here.

3. Datça, Muğla

Datça, which is a peninsula just like Bodrum but is not so popular due to transportation difficulties, attracts attention with its clean bays and beautiful weather. In this beautiful place that has managed to stay from the most untouched holiday resorts of Muğla, you can swim in the most beautiful sea and experience the calm evenings. In this place where many important names from the literature and art have retreated, you can also be filled with nature and art.

4. Kaş, Antalya


Standing out with its diving tourism due to its immaculate sea, Kaş is located in the west of Antalya. This is a holiday centre that is chirping in the summer with its ancient cities, historical buildings, colourful bazaar and pleasant accommodation options. Kaputaş Beach, one of the most famous beaches in our country, is also located here. You can also choose Kaş for a calm yet colourful holiday.

5. Olympos, Antalya

Olympos, located in Kumluca, Antalya, is a first-degree site as it is located in the ancient city and national park. This untouched beauty is one of the rare places where you can combine history, nature and sea vacation. If you want to meet the cool waters of the Mediterranean in such an atmosphere full of history, you can visit this wonderful location this summer.

6. Çeşme, İzmir


Çeşme, which has become the most popular place in İzmir for the summer holidays, also has the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. With its fine white sand, warm sea and thermal springs, this beautiful place is ideal for a grand holiday. This is why it attracts interest throughout the season. You can also choose this favourite location for a pleasant holiday.

7. Fethiye, Muğla

Fethiye, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey, has been hosting people from all over the world for many years. In this beautiful location, you can find numerous accommodation options, swim in the most beautiful seas, enjoy nightlife and entertainment.

8. Dalyan, Mugla

Dalyan, located in Ortaca, Muğla, is among the most popular summer vacation destinations in Turkey. The region attracts great attention in summer and winter with the ancient city of Kaunos and rock tombs. In addition, Iztuzu, the most famous Dalyan beach, draws attention as a natural protection zone with the Caretta caretta turtles it hosts.

9. Side, Manavgat

Side, located in Manavgat, Antalya, is one of the most fascinating places in our country. You can have an unforgettable holiday experience in Side, which is among the most beautiful places you can see with its magnificent gate surrounded by walls, ancient harbour, historical ruins mixed with everyday life, and old houses.

10. Marmaris, Mugla


Marmaris, which is located at the meeting point of magnificent blue and green, is one of the most favourite summer holiday locations in our country. Glimmering bays, lush nature, luxury hotels and fun nightlife make Marmaris indispensable for both domestic and foreign tourists. You can also discover the beauties of Marmaris this summer to get sated with blue and green.

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