Property Management

If you would like to invest in your own property, here at property2invest, we offer you property management services, whether by renting your property, helping you to find the most appropriate tenant which meets your needs, or by re-selling it, promising you a profitable deal with a high capital returns.

After-sale service

Our relationship with our customers does not end with the purchase process, but we also help you with everything to get your property ready. Our team gives you a hand with finding the most suitable home furnishing, which matches your requirements, and helps you moving them directly to your property.
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Legal advice

Our company provides you with the legal advice which is necessary to select the right property, and helps you complete all legal procedures and documents professionally. We also clarify all legal points before and after the purchase process, manage your sale contract, and define your rights and privileges of owning a property in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship

Property1ınvest begins with you with legal assistance before investing and make sure about your fulfillment of all the required conditions, and putting the final touches to the naturalization procedures by extracting the citizenship nomination document from the authority supervising the granting of Turkish citizenship until you obtain the Turkish identity and passport.

Real Estate Consulting

Our company has a special team of professional consultants in the field of real estate investment, who have a very wide experience in the Turkish property market. Through our team, we help you make the right decision by putting the most suitable options in your hands, and meeting all your requirements. Also, our property experts support you with the reliable financial feasibility studies, in which enable you to evaluate and choose the most profitable real estate investment.


Our services are not limited to real estate and legal services. Property2invest offers transportation as an additional service for our customers, receiving them from the airport and driving them to the hotel and our property projects. Also, we help our customers in making all types of reservations for hotels, cars, and back and forth flights.