Nef Bahçelievler

Luxury Apartment in the European Side of Istanbul

General View

Interior View

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1 + 1
2 + 1
3 + 1
4 + 1
  • Location
    Bahcelievler, Istanbul
  • Rooms
    1 + 12 + 13 + 14 + 1
  • Status
  • Delivery
    Aug. 2020
  • Min Area
    47 m2
  • Max Area
    70 m2
  • Min Price
  • Max Price
  • Min Area
    90 m2
  • Max Area
    129 m2
  • Min Price
  • Max Price
  • Min Area
    150 m2
  • Max Area
    246 m2
  • Min Price
  • Max Price
  • Min Area
    221 m2
  • Max Area
    284 m2
  • Min Price
  • Max Price
  • Min Area
    0 m2
  • Max Area
    0 m2
  • Min Price
  • Max Price


  • Art Room
  • Basketball Field
  • Cafes
  • Children’s play areas
  • Conference Room
  • Education Room
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Lounge
  • Open air cinema
  • Park
  • Parking
  • Party Area
  • Riding
  • Sauna
  • School
  • Security
  • Shuttle
  • SPA
  • Sport Club
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Terrace Garden
  • Turkish Bath
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Everyone is looking for a luxury flat, Nef Bahcelievler Project is the optimal choice.

What makes Nef Bahcelievler Project different is the most prestigious location and quality buildings.

Location of Nef Bahcelievler Project.

Nef Bahcelievler Project is in Bahcelievler which is the most popular and served region in İstanbul that means the project lies at the city center.

İt is in sight of the tramway which is Turkey’s most important transport .therefore,

You can almost visit all the tourist areas. Like Eminonu, Taksim, Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Besiktas.

As it is in the middle of the city center, it takes just  6 minutes to get to Ataturk Airport.

6 minutes to get to the World Trade Center.

3 minutes to get to Marmara Mall.

3 minutes to get to Center Cali Mall.

2 minutes to get to Yildiz Technical University.

2 minutes to get to İstanbul Aydin University.

the project is close to hospital state and Zeytin Burnu Station where you can use Metrobus, tramway, and metro.

Complex Construction and Available Types of Nef Bahcelievler Project

The complex is 10 towers of (6-20) floors whereas the front ones are 17 floors. The total number of flats is 934.

Additionally, 25 stores prepared with various brands and needs are surrounded by the project.

Available Types.

the Project has (1+1) , (2+1) , (3+1) and (4,5+1) type. The half is affordable in most apartments.

For more details, contact TRE Turk Real Estates Company staff.

Nef Bahcelievler Project Services.

For the first time in the world, Nef Bahcelievler is second to none project to apply the fold home system in the widest form.

Residents can get benefits of Fold home System which provides different units, not able to be convenient with ordinary homes or normal places.

More and more you can find in Nef Bahcelievker such as indoor swimming pool, park، water lack, insulated music room, gym, sauna, Turkish bath,

football, stadium, basketball court, children’s park, green places, car parks, meeting room, stateroom, 24-hours guarding.

Apartment’s spaces.

(1+1) type is 61 square meters.

(2+1) type is 105 square meters.

(3+1) type is 152 square meters.

(4.5+1) type is 217 square meters.

Nef bahcelievler information.

The total space is 60000 square meters.

The number of buildings is 10 ones

The number of units is 934.

The number of stores is 25.

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