Investment opportunities in Turkey

  404  /     02 Mar, 2021


Turkey is famous for more than 1600 types of agricultural products that were able to invade nearly 180 markets around the world, due to the high quality of these products until they reach those countries, we can talk about the most prominent areas in which Turkey is famous in terms of investing in land Agricultural, most notably agricultural lands for the cultivation of various vegetables, investment in plant and flower farms, and investment in lands to establish farms and fields for sheep and cows and other ones for the production of meat and dairy.

Turkey seeks to be among the top five wholly producing countries in the world, as part of its goals for the agricultural sector by 2023, and aims to reach the agricultural GDP to be 150 billion dollars, 40 billion dollars for agricultural exports, and 8.5 million Hectares of irrigable area occupy first place in the classification of fisheries in comparison with the European Union

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